Club Fitting

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Fitting Options

Cool Clubs has a large range of fitting options targeted at various parts of your game.

We also have the option to book by the hour if there isn't a fitting exactly suited to your needs.

It's about your swing not equipment

We often hear of fittings that are about the equipment more than the individual customers swing. At Cool Clubs you will find our fittings concentrate on finding out about your swing, what you want to achieve with your game and where your problem shots are.

Once we have this understanding we go through a process of finding the best combinations of head and shaft to let you achieve your goals.

Putter Fitting

Our putter fitting utilises our in-house developed high technology putting studio. It features 8 cameras operating at 1,000 frames a second and is used by many of the world top tour players.

Ultimate Fitting

If you want your whole bag from Driver to Putter fitted this is the fitting for you. An intensive 6 to 8 hour fitting that can be spread over two 4 hour days it delivers a bag of matched clubs to ensure consistency and a repeatable result.


Our Tee-To-Wedge fitting fits everything from Driver to Wedges. This is the first of our extended fitting options and takes about 3.5 hours.

Driver Fitting

Cool Clubs driver fitting uses our large range of heads from the largest manufacturers combined with an unprecedented number of shaft options to ensure the right equipment is specified and built for your swing.

Long Game Fitting

Our Long Game fitting analyses your long game equipment needs and provides an optimised recommendation for your swing.

Iron/Wedge Fitting

Cool Clubs has a large range of ironheads and shafts for use during our fittings. Most heads are available in Standard and Upright. Using the large number of options available your master fitter will provide a detailed club specification that fits your game.

Wedge Fitting

Wedges are an often overlooked club. Our wedge fitting determines the best wedge for your swing. In addition to the standard wedges available we can extensively customise your wedges to get the exact outcome you are looking for.

Junior Fitting

Juniors deserve the same care and attention as any golfer. Cool Clubs uses adult heads combined with premium ACCRA junior shafts to ensure performance and enable clubs to last with low cost shaft replacement as the Junior golfer grows.


Not sure what you want to do or what you want to concentrate on? You can book 1, 2 or three hour sessions to direct as you wish. Often useful for a deep dive into an aspect of your game not really covered in the targeted fitting sessions.

Club Blueprint

Ever wondered if your current clubs are built consistently and whether they fit your swing? Our club blueprint measures everything to do with your current clubs and we give you all the information we collect.

This fitting does not attempt to look at new equipment.

Iron Gapping Fitting

Using Trackman to check the distances you hit your irons and bend the lofts to match. Ensures correct gapping through your irons.

This is not a fitting for new clubs.

1 Hour $150

Loft/Lie Adjustment

Irons require regular adjustment to their Lofts and Lies. Using our digital Loft/Lie machine we can adjust your irons back into spec to within 1/4 of a degree.

This is an adjustment to your existing clubs not a fitting for new clubs.

30 Minutes $50

Club Consultation

Our club consultations are carried out by our director of fitting and Cool Clubs founder Zane Navie. These fittings are an in-depth analysis of your game and consider every aspect of your clubs, your goals and how to achieve a better game.

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