Performance, Quality, Knowledge


At Cool Clubs Australia we provide the highest performance game improvement through our unrivaled knowledge, technology,  build quality and attention to detail. A combination no one else can match.


Range Based


In Australia, all our fittings are range based using premium golf balls, a visual understanding of ball flight with all data collected via Trackman. This gives superior data and insights over an indoors fitting

Fitting Stock


We stock all the major brands, PXG, Taylormade, Titleist, Callaway, Srixon, Ping, Miura, Mizuno and the leading after-market shaft brands. Brand neutrality means we fit our customers with the equipment that performs best.



Our in-house developed technology and full time R&D engineering combined with our Master fitters expertise guarantee we deliver the best club fitting available anywhere

Tour Level Club Building

Cool Clubs builds all our clubs in-house in a state-of-the-art tour level build facility in Scottsdale or at our Gold Coast build shop. This allows us to provide clubs built with the care and quality that realise the benefits predicted by our fittings.


Club Building


Our Scottsdale build shop has set the standard for club building worldwide. All clubs whether new, rebuilds or repairs are built to the same exacting standards. All our build facilities are capable of delivering the best performing clubs.

Nothing Left To Chance


From small details like ensuring all our measuring equipment around the world is calibrated the same every morning to independently testing all shafts on our S3 analysis machine. Nothing we do is left to chance.

SST Pure® Shaft Alignment System


Shafts can be PUREd using the SST PURE® Shaft Alignment System providing the ultimate in shaft alignment as used by many tour players.


Club Customisation

All Cool Clubs built clubs are custom. No two clubs are ever built the same. Whether you need minor or extensive performance modification to a putter through to a driver Cool Clubs has the experience and attention to detail to ensure the best outcome for your club.


Performance Modification


Our customisation department can do everything from custom wedge grinds to major putter modifications including adding/removal of site lines dots etc. Whatever needs doing to increase the clubs performance we have covered.

Cosmetic Improvements


Many of out customers want to make their clubs reflect their individual sense of style. Cool Clubs can refinish most clubs and return old favorites to new.

Tour Based


Cool Clubs builds and modifies clubs for many of the top tour players worldwide. We bring the attention to detail and craftsmanship required to satisfy the worlds best players to all our customisation work.

Club Repairs

Cool Clubs repair clubs to the same Tour standard that we build clubs.


S3 Shaft Analysis

Cool Clubs has built the industry gold standard of shaft analysis. Our S3 machine and its data is used in-house for club fitting and increasingly used by third parties including club manufacturers.


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