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From the Worlds Leading Independent Club Fitter

In Australia all our fittings are outdoors hitting onto a range

Cool Clubs has the biggest range of clubs and shafts and provides the best custom fit service available anywhere. Our club fitters have the most fitting experience and information of any fitter.

We bring in-house state-of-the-art technology to custom club fitting that enables fine tuning of your club specification and allows us to deliver a set of clubs tailored exactly to your swing.


We use Trackman launch monitors the most advanced ball flight analysis system available. Trackman integrates into our fitting process which includes custom software, our own S3 Shaft Analyser and a large test database of clubheads and golf shafts.

Our Club Fittings are conducted outdoors on a range using Tournament golf balls. Ball Flight doesn't Lie. All integrated with your fitters experience to deliver unrivalled performance in the clubs we deliver

Our golf clubs are built to the same exacting standards as our fittings ensuring the ball flight you see is the ball flight you get. All integrated with your fitters knowledge to deliver unrivalled performance in the clubs we deliver.

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Club Building

To a Tour Standard with no Compromises

Our club building is designed to deliver on the promise of your club fitting and deliver golf clubs that perform better than your club fitter delivered during your fitting. No one else can deliver that promise.

Our build shop is located in Scottsdale and builds to a PGA Tour standard. This guarantees your custom fit is enhanced by our build processes and quality control at all levels of the build process.


There are many club builders who profess to be able to build to our standard.

They can’t. They have neither the equipment, the expertise or the large club head and shaft inventory Cool Clubs has. So a Cool Clubs premium fitting without a Cool Clubs build will never deliver the performance promised during the fitting.

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How Are We Different?

A Cool Clubs Fitting is unlike any other fitting you have ever experienced. We have developed industry leading technology to ensure the best possible performance from every club in your bag.

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Our Fitting Process

Club Blueprinting

The first part of the fitting measures your existing equipment for loft/lie, length and frequency.

During this process your fitter will discuss which of your clubs you like and which are a problem.

Once complete we will go through the consistency of your clubs and discuss reasons why you may like certain clubs and how that relates to the numbers.

Swing and Goals

Next your fitter will ask you to warm up with one of your existing clubs. This will give us some basic data and an understanding of your swing dynamics.

During the warmup we will discuss your thoughts on your swing, what you want to achieve from the fitting and what shots you find easy and those that are harder.

Once we know about your swing and goals we will start narrowing down the heads and shafts that give you the best performance.

Head/Shaft Matching

This is helped by our S3 software, ball flight, Trackman data and the experience of your fitter.

Once the best performing head and shaft combination is found your fitter will review how that recommendation.

At this point your fitter will give you all the information from your fitting session including the data we collect and your individualised recommendation.

Ball Flight Doesn't Lie

In Australia all our fittings are range based using premium golf balls. This allows us to see ball flight which is used with Trackman data. This along with the experience of your Master Fitter guarantees the highest performance clubs for your swing.

Don't settle for a fitting indoors or using range balls. Neither of these fittings shows you the true flight of your ball and often result in poor outcomes. These fittings also miss the turf interaction that is critical to irons and wedge fittings.

S3 Shaft Technology

Our in-house developed technology and full time R&D engineering combined with our Master fitters expertise guarantee we deliver the best club fitting available anywhere.


Cool Clubs has built the industry gold standard of shaft analysis. Our S3 machine and the data it produces is used in-house for club fitting and increasingly used by third parties including club and shaft manufacturers.

Brand Neutral

We stock all the major brands from Driver to Putter and the leading after-market shafts. Brand neutrality means we fit our customers with the equipment that performs best.

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Gift Voucher

Looking for the perfect gift for the golfer in your life? Our gift vouchers can cover anything from a fitting to a full set of clubs and anything in between

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Nothing Left To Chance

From small details like ensuring all our measuring equipment around the world is calibrated the same every morning to independently testing all shafts on our S3 analysis machine. Nothing we do is left to chance.


Our in-house R&D test all our equipment before it makes it into our fitting matrix. No other independent fitter makes the investment in ensuring we can compare all head and shaft performance on a level playing field.

Our goal is to build the best clubs available anywhere built to a standard unseen in the industry. We constantly develop new methods and processes to ensure we remove any impediment to remaining the best in the industry.

Custom Clubs

All Cool Clubs built clubs are custom. No two clubs are ever built the same.

Whether you need minor or extensive performance modification to putter putter through to driver.

Cool Clubs has the experience and attention to detail to ensure the best outcome for your club.

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Club Repairs

Our attention to detail extends to our Club Repairs.

All our repairs are undertaken with the same care and expertise we use to build new clubs. We leave nothing to chance.

This ensures your clubs are maintained to the highest standards and that they always perform at their best.

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SST Pure ®

Shafts can be PUREd using the SST PURE® Shaft Alignment System providing the ultimate in shaft alignment as used by many tour players.

The SST Puring process provides a guaranteed shaft alignment that does not rely on human interpretation like a spine aligned or FLO'd shaft does.