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Cool Clubs Putter Fitting


Note: For Melbourne fittings please only wear soft spike golf shoes or runners to protect the putting surface.

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Our putter fitting first finds the style of putter that works for you (hosel, head shape, balance etc.) then we assess your current putter against that specification.

Often loft or lie tweaks to your putter along with simple technique adjustments are all that is required. If this is not the case, we look at putters that will better suit you and help reduce your putts.

Our fitting studio is designed and built by Cool Clubs and is exclusive to Cool Clubs facilities.

We keep a large range of high quality putters in stock. From PXG, Scotty Cameron, Bettinardi, Ping, Odyssey, Toulon Design and Taylormade with most being customised to some extent to perfectly fit your stroke.

Our putting studio is made in-house and includes high speed cameras. This allows us to provide a putter recommendation determined by objective measurement of your stroke. Combined with years of experience from our master fitters ensures the custom putter built for you performs better than any rack putter would.

We ensure all the parameters affecting your putting are measured and determined during the fitting session. The parameters we look at include:

Preferred Head Shape and Type of Putter
Putter Face Preference
Head Weight
Shaft Length
Putter Length
Lie Angle
Face Angle
And many others…

The result of our custom fitting is increased distance control, speed control, confidence and ultimately reduced scores.

60 minutes

Stability Putter Shafts

In addition to standard putter shafts we now off Stability Shafts. Stability shafts provide reduced torque and thus a better result for off centre hits either towards the heel or the toe of the putter. Ball speed control is also increased because of the low torque and solid feel of these shafts. Find out more...

The Highest Impact on your Score

Understanding your stroke, the type of putter that suits your stroke and your individual specifications can shave strokes off your score instantaneously.

Our Putting Technology

Our putting studio uses motion analysis from military-based technology, a laser alignment system and eight high-speed cameras.

We measure alignment (face angle to target), club length, lie, path, loft, head rotation, acceleration, spin, skid ratio and speed.

Analysis of this data then defines the precise club specifications you need to optimise the performance of your putting stroke.

Customised Putters

In addition to the standard putter options offered by our suppliers, we can fully customise putters including finish to weighting to hosel position we can ensure your putter is built to fit your stroke and please your eye.