Cool Clubs’ wedge fitting covers an assessment of your personal wedge game to discover what shots ‘you’ play when playing under regular course conditions.

We look at bounce, loft gapping, sole design and shaft recommendation taking into account full shots through to bunker play and short chipping.




1 Hour


Hitting from Grass


We conduct a large part of the wedge fitting outdoors using premium golf balls. Here we assess turf interaction, bunker shots and chipping from different style lies.

You will not only be fit for the correct wedges but have a better understanding of your short game.




Wedge Fitting Stock


Cool Clubs maintains a broad selection of wedges that allow us to narrow in on the right combination of design, gapping, loft and bounce to fit your swing and give you the right options on the course.

Wedge Customisation


Cool Clubs can modify wedges from cosmetic changes like stamping, finish and paint to functional changes such as custom grinds. Talk to your fitter to determine if there is anything you would like to customise.

What to Bring


When you come for any fitting at Cool Clubs be sure to bring all your golf clubs, golf shoes and your glove. Wear clothes that you normally golf in and be prepared to have a good time.









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