Easily the best driver I have ever had

Hi Jack,

You certainly know what you are doing.  Easily the best driver I have ever had.  It feels comfortable and gives me great confidence.

I am hitting the ball 170 to 180 metres (190 to 200 yards) down the fairway nearly all the time.  As a not very fit 76 year old I think this is fantastic.  I hope heaven is as good!

I am still impressed by the enormous range of club heads and shafts you have available to mix and match to the best advantage.  Ultimately of course it all comes down to how good you are at evaluating the client and the equipment to match.  I’d say you are bloody good.  Keep up the good work.

If I need any more clubs you will be the first one I call.

Yours most sincerely,

Ted Huntley

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