No request from me was too much

Firstly I can’t speak highly enough of Jack – even if he is Pom!  A truly great guy – patient, listens, provides really good feedback and keeps everything nice and relaxed.  His knowledge of golf and the club building process was obvious.  From the moment I walked in to Cool Clubs I felt like I was the most important person in the world and I had his undivided attention.  No request from me was too much for him and I reckon we spent 2.5 hours just on getting the driver right – it may never be perfect but I feel like I have got the best possible driver for my stroke.

Jack’s guidance and feedback were critical in me making a decision I don’t think I would have done if it wasn’t for the trust he and I built over the two days.  I was really not keen on staying with PING / game improvement irons and was super keen on blades/forged irons but the numbers as explained to me by Jack and the better ball striking with the PING’s gave me no option.   If I had gone to retailer I probably would have walked away with a set of clubs that weren’t ideal for me.  My golf buddies have given me some stick for basically upgrading my old PINGs for a hefty price but hopefully the payoff will be when I am kicking their butts every Friday in our regular rounds!

The set up with the indoor/outdoor facility is great, the technology seems unreal and the overall feel of the place is like I died and went to golfing nirvana!  I wish I could afford to do it every week – I might get a divorce though!

Scott Mehan

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