s3 Shaft Analyser

A Revolution in Club Fitting Technology


The shaft is the component of the club that connects the club head to your body and is critical to the overall performance of your clubs. Poor quality shafts or shafts with inconsistent performance are commonly used to build clubs.

Until now each club manufacture has used their own measurement system based on their own equipment and with no way of comparing shafts across manufacturers. Also individual shafts vary significantly adding to the difficulty of producing a matched set of clubs.

Cool Clubs has always striven to overcome these limitations and produce a consistent outcome for our clients. With the S3's game changing technology we can now guarantee the performance metrics that influence club consistency because they are measured on a single machine and ensure a reproducible and accurate measurement across shaft manufacturers. The S3 removes any ambiguity and ensures the shafts we specify are the shafts we build. You can get access to our shaft data at S3 Technologies.


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