The Fastest Way to Improve Your Score is to Improve Your Putting


Our putter fitting produces the biggest impact to your score of any fitting. The fitting takes you through all the variables that impact your putting This will help you make a decision on the putter that not only suits your budget but also helps you to improve your on-green performance.

This fitting system is designed and built by Cool Clubs and is exclusive to Cool Clubs facilities. We keep a large range of high quality putters in stock from PXG, Scotty Cameron, Bettinardi, Ping, Odyssey, Toulon Design and Taylormade with most being customised to some extent to perfectly fit your stroke.




1 Hour


Highest Impact on your Score


Putting accounts for more than 50 percent of your game, with this in mind understanding your stroke, the type of putter that suits your stroke and your individual specifications can shave strokes off your game instantaneously.



Cool Clubs has introduced to Australia the most technologically advanced putting studio in the world.

Our putting studio uses motion analysis from military-based technology, a laser alignment system and eight high-speed cameras. This records the stroke from all angles. We measure alignment (face angle to target), the length of the club, lie angle of the putter head, path, the loft of the face, putter head rotation, acceleration, spin, skid ratio and speed.

Analysis of this data then defines the precise club specifications you need to optimise the performance of your putting stroke.

Customised Putters


In addition to the standard putter options offered by our suppliers, we can fully customise putters including finish to weighting to hosel position we can ensure your putter is built to fit your stroke and please your eye.

Bettinardi Tour Stock Putters Thanks to our friends at Bettinardi you now have the ability to build your very own one off Bettinardi Tour Stock putter. This extension to our putter range and options for fittings fills some of the gaps we find in the putter market.These putters have been made from DASS (double aged stainless steel) and offer some unique options such as custom sight lines, heavier head weights and variable length plumbers necks to achieve specific toe hang, face balance and offset requirements. 







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