Cool Clubs now has a complete set of Junior fitting shafts tailored to the young golfer. These shafts are made by the Accra golf company and are specifically designed for junior golfers.

The shafts come in multiple flexes and lengths allowing us to custom-build clubs to tighter tolerances than ever before for junior golfers. Cool Clubs’ junior fitting caters for children as young as five years old.



1 Hour


Why do Juniors Need Fitting?


Without a professional fitting, junior golfers can have shafts far too soft for them when they buy off the rack. Other times when adult shafts have been retro fit and cut down to a suitable length the flex can be far too stiff. Consequently both scenarios can be equally detrimental to a junior golfer’s swing development and shot performance.

The technology behind Cool Clubs’ shafts allows us to build junior equipment at the required length, with a suitable head weight playing at the correct flex for the individual’s speed.

ACCRA Junior Shafts


Using these shafts and our proprietary technology we have been able to put together a system whereby we can snap any of the latest heads onto junior-specific shafts.

Having this technology to enable junior golfers to demo multiple brands takes us to a level of junior fittings previously not available and facilitates a junior golfer’s improvement quicker than ever before. It eliminates the guess work providing our young clients with bespoke clubs utilizing state-or-the-art technology and mainstream brands.

Couple this technology with TrackMan® and our S3 shaft simulation software means that on completion of a Cool Clubs fitting session and with customized golf clubs, a junior golfer will feel far more confident with their on-course performance. That is, we will demonstrate that the specifications compiled unique to a junior golfer’s game using the demo head/shaft combinations will improve their game.

What to Bring


When you come for any fitting at Cool Clubs be sure to bring all your golf clubs, golf shoes and your glove. Wear clothes that you normally golf in and be prepared to have a good time.


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