What is the best club?

This is a question we get asked often. "What is the best driver on the market" or a variation of that with iron, fairway wood, hybrid, putter inserted for driver. The short answer is there is no "Best" club.

There are clubs which work well for one swing and not for another. Often people come in with a club that worked well for a friend but does not operate well for the owner. This situation is widespread.

Even if your swing is a similar speed to someone else that does not mean you should use the same club/shaft combination. Speed is only one determining factor. You also need to consider tempo, shaft loading profile, head launch and spin characteristics, shaft launch characteristics and many more factors.

The only real way to determine if a particular club will work for you is to have a fitting. Using the right technology and experience the best head and shaft combination for the individual can be determined every time.

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Cool Clubs are the largest independent fitter in the world. With over 30 locations worldwide and growing. Our performance oriented fittings ensure you get the best outcome, the best clubs and you can truly Play Better Golf.

All our fittings are carried out hitting onto a range from our fitting studio so we can see ball flight. We only use tournament golf balls for a true reading on your performance. We use Trackman and our own in-house developed software optimised from our testing using our proprietary S3 shaft analysis system

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