How do you determine the price of your clubs?

In short it costs a lot to deliver the performance we deliver in our clubs.

Apart from the obvious costs like aftermarket shafts, weight matched heads there are a lot of hidden costs which are just as important to delivering the performance you see during your fitting and that other fitters do not have.

We charge recommended retail for our heads and always fit aftermarket shafts. This means the shafts and grip are always additional to the clubs recommended retail.

Fitting Process

Our fitting process follows a very well-defined set of steps from measuring your existing clubs (blueprinting), discussing what you want out of the fitting, understanding your goals with your game and listening to any swing or game problems you may have. Our fitting is about your swing not equipment.

Only after this process do we start working on head and shaft combinations and start hitting balls.

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Our master fitters are the best in the business. They have access to information no one else has and it is available to them in a manner that allows them to use their knowledge to get the right head and shaft combination for your swing. Efficiently, Accurately and Reproducibly.


All our fitting studios are range based allowing real determination of ball flight along with the accurate collection of Trackman data. This is not possible hitting indoors.

Premium Balls

We use premium tournament balls not range balls during our fittings. This takes any guesswork out of translating the results from range balls into the actual performance of your swing.


During a fitting our fitters will constantly be referring to our software which assists them with all the data we collect on shafts during our in-house testing. This data provides insight into the actual performance of the shafts we fit.

Our software also allows us to compare performance between shafts and manufacturers. Something no one else can do.

Frequency Matching

Cool Clubs fit and build to a measure of shaft stiffness or flex based on Frequency Matching. This process provides much finer match of the clubs flex to your swing. It also allows shafts from different manufacturers to be matched through an independent measure. Each manufacturer measures staff stiffness differently so by frequency matching remove this ambiguity.

Additionally we design and build our own frequency machines and consistency from fit to build to on-course performance. Just another example of how we leave nothing to chance. We actually build two different types of frequency machine, one for fitting called a grip on and another for building called grip off so we can build to the target frequency.

If you see a frequency machine at all during your fitting the same machine will be used for building and will not produce accurate results.

Fitting Equipment

Nearly every piece of equipment we use during a fitting we design, build, calibrate and maintain ourselves. This means it all works together to ensure consistency and reproducibility of the fit.

Our putting studio is an example  of the lengths we go to to fill gaps in the fitting process seen elsewhere.


Because we are the largest independent club fitter in the world we have access to all brands of heads and shafts. But we do not stock all brands.

In order for a product to make it into our fitting matrix it must provide a benefit to our clients and passour rigorous testing. Many products fail this process.

The heads and shafts we use during a fitting are there for a reason and backed up by an evidence-based approach to everything we do. Nothing is left to chance.

Equipment Costs

A club is more than the sum of its parts. Anyone could buy the individual components we supply but they can never provide the same performance as a Cool Clubs built club.

No matter what they say they simply can’t build to our standard and thus match our delivered club performance.


For each model of head we fit we generally have hundreds in stock at any one time. When we get a delivery of heads we weigh each one. When we build a club we can build a matched set by selecting the correct weight heads to match the shaft.


As with the heads we weigh shafts and can select just the right shaft weight to match the head so the resulting club is consistent with all the other clubs in the set.

Club Build

Once the fitting is over it's time to get your clubs built. As we provide you with your full specification you could go elsewhere and get someone else to build your clubs. They will tell you they can build to our specification. They cannot. Others maybe able to get components but that is just where the club build starts.

Build Stock

We have a very large inventory of heads and shafts that allow us to match components to build to the specifications arrived at during your fitting.

Build Environment

All our clubs are built in Scottsdale and sent to Australia. This allows us to maintain the highest build standards. Additionally, our build shop is maintained in almost clean room environment so we can maintain control of all factors of the build.

Build Process

Our club builders a highly experienced and sought after throughout the industry. We manufacturer a lot of the equipment we use during club fitting and building. This allows us to maintain calibration across the process from fitting to build.

We can SST Pure shafts to provide the correct orientation of shaft to swing plane.

Ultimately this allows us to deliver the performance you see during our fittings.

Research and Development

Cool Clubs is alone in the independent fitting part of the golf industry in that we have our own engineers doing research and development. Indeed we consider ourselves an R&D company that fits and builds golf clubs.

This means we develop in-house measuring (S3, Loft/Lie, Build, Frequency Machines grip On and Grip Off, Putting Studio) and ensure your unique ability to maintain quality control and outcomes across the entire process.


So that’s what we do and how we do it. All this costs a lot more than off-the-shelf clubs but provides the pinnacle of club fitting and building that surpasses even PGA tour vans for outcomes to our customers.

Do we charge more than others? Yes, but we will not compromise performance.

About Cool Clubs

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Cool Clubs are the largest independent fitter in the world. With over 30 locations worldwide and growing. Our performance oriented fittings ensure you get the best outcome, the best clubs and you can truly Play Better Golf.

All our fittings are carried out hitting onto a range from our fitting studio so we can see ball flight. We only use tournament golf balls for a true reading on your performance. We use Trackman and our own in-house developed software optimised from our testing using our proprietary S3 shaft analysis system

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