Cool Clubs Specialise in Club Customisation


Regardless of whether you want a Functional or Cosmetic alteration to your clubs Cool Clubs custom shop has the equipment and experience to do the work.

Our Custom shop has developed from our Tour department and applies the same attention to detail and performance based approach to all our custom work as we do to our club building for tour players.

Functional Club Customisation


All Cool Clubs built clubs are custom. No two clubs are ever built the same. Whether you need minor or extensive performance modification to a putter through to a driver Cool Clubs has the experience and attention to detail to ensure the best outcome for your club. These Include:

  • Custom Grind
  • Putter Sight Line inclusion/removal
  • Putter Dots inclusion/removal
  • Putter Hosel changes
  • Weighting and balance modifications

Custom Club Finishing


Cool Clubs can do extensive cosmetic changes to clubs from stamping to specialised finishes whatever you desire to personalise your clubs. These include:

  • Stamping
  • Paint Fill
  • Finish
  • Plating
  • Custom Paint
  • Refurbish

How Long Will It Take?


Custom work can take some time. If the work is not performed in Australia the components must be shipped to Scottsdale for modification. This can add a week or so to turnaround.


Cool Clubs will keep you informed of the progress of your order during the process and encourage customers to stay in touch as we produce the changes desired.




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