Odyssey Stroke Lab Putters 1st Take

March 11, 2019

Odyssey’s Stroke of Genius

Cool Clubs First Take

The Odyssey Stroke Lab putter features a new two-piece (steel and graphite) shaft that optimizes the feel and distance control of off-center hits giving you more forgiveness out on the green. We think that a lot of golfers and their short games will improve with this product.

Most putting strokes are inconsistent. Yet most putting technologies focus on improving alignment or the quality of roll. That’s all good, but there’s more help needed to help all of us improve our Putts Per Round and Putts Per GIR statistic, along with the newer Strokes Gained: Putting metric.

Odyssey’s new Stroke Lab putters actually help improve the golfer’s stroke, including backswing length, face angle at impact, head speed through impact and tempo, all through a profound change in weight distribution made possible by an innovative new shaft. This is a completely new approach and only Odyssey has it.

The Stroke Lab shaft is a full 40 grams lighter than a traditional steel putter shaft, made possible by an innovative new multi-material shaft design that combines graphite with steel to weigh just 75g.

Iconic Head Shapes & White Hot Microhinge

Stroke Lab putters are designed for any golfer who wants to putt better (well, that’s everyone, isn’t it?). The Stroke Lab lineup consists of 10 great shapes – six mallets and four blades – all with their newest White Hot Microhinge insert for smooth roll and great feel. With two hosel options, Toe Hang and Face-Balanced, there is a design that will fit everyone. All are available with a choice of pistol grip or oversize grip.

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