Scotty Cameron Circle T putters

Not sure what the collective noun is for Scotty Cameron Circle T putters. Here are a few we have in the studio. Gaggle maybe? Make a suggestion. 

A Bit about Scotty Cameron Circle-T

Scotty Cameron (real name: Don T. Cameron) was born and raised in California, where he currently bases his operations, and has seen his putters win countless tournaments and more than a major or two.  After working with a couple of different brands in the late 1980’s and early 90’s, Cameron went on to launch his own brand of signature putters – the Scotty Cameron Classic line -in 1992.  In 1994, Titleist picked up Cameron and that’s where Scotty has been ever since.  Though Scotty already had a decent reputation on Tour, things really took off when Tiger Woods started having great success with a couple of Scottys in the late 90’s.

Though Scotty had been producing “Tour Only” putters for quite some time, he began branding his Tour Only putters with a new logo called the Circle T.  This logo was essentially a big C with a T inside of it representing “Cameron” and “Tour.”  Though originally only used on Tour putters and associated head covers, the Circle T began popping up on apparel sold to the public as well as Scotty’s high-end putters that were made available to consumers through the distributors.  It even got to the point where Cameron buyers were able to custom order various “Tour Only” putter models through one of Scotty’s four distributors and request special stamping, including the Circle T, at a premium price point.  While Scotty held final discretion on stamping and design, plenty of non-Tour putters began leaking into the secondary market that were never made for, or anywhere near, a Tour.  These putters could be branded as “Tour Spec.”  Basically, Scotty saw a huge demand for access to the Circle T, and he was smart enough to capitalize on it.

Courtesy Plugged In Golf

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