Putter Fitting

February 5, 2019

Hi Joshua,

I just wanted to give you an update, as I played North Ryde on Friday after my putter fitting.  Super happy to report that even with one 4 putt (just silly mistakes) my total putts for the round was 33, I would previously averaging between 45-50 putts due to lack of confidence.  I hit 90 off the stick, stuffed up a lot of pitch shots which is costly on par the par 3's for me ( 4 holes where I had triple bogey, 3 holes with double bogey, and 4 holes with bogey)  Got 6 pars and 1 birdie.

Even still using my old putter I have improved out of site, the ball was rolling correctly the line on the ball was dead straight.  I was able to get the length a lot better and not scared of the 1m putts, hitting them with confidence.  Rest assured I am trying to commit that routine to memory and trust in it, I'm sure it will improve in time.

It's made an amazing difference and I am super excited to get my new fitted putter.

Next step after settling in with my putter, is to fix my wedges and irons and build a confident routine with chipping and pitching, coz now that I get on the dance floor I'm no where near as worried with the putting and actually enjoying golf even more.

I won't spam you mate, just wanted to share how excited I am after just one round and feeling way more confident and relaxed even, about putting.  Onwards and upwards ( downwards with my handicap I guess! )

I will be back on 25th Feb, and excited to come and grab my new putter from you and get out on a course.

Thank you mate.



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